About us


Who we are

Beyond Time Collection Photo

Our Story

An endless story development.

Having decades worth of experience in this area gave us the possibilities to turn our jewellery into something really unique and never seen before. Our own production facility already exists over 85 years which reflects the nostalgic style and vibe of our brand and it's products.

Our Drive

Remember the good old days? 
This nostalgic vibe is what we try to share on the inside of our brand as well as on the outside. Our jewellery, it's campaigns and promotions are all inspired by the blurred vision of the old times.

Production Image of Chains in Dark Silver colour
createdbyill company building in 1960s

Our mission

Creating jewellery for both women and men is what we always did and always will do. We differentiate ourselves from others in this sector through our unique backstory. We're coming from generations in the jewellery industry, starting with family-owned pearl factories to now owning a jewellery brand. 
This is createdbyill.