Care Guide

How do you take care of your jewellery? What should you do with it, what shouldn’t you do?

Don't swim & shower

Try not to wear your jewellery while swimming. The (acid) chlorine can destroy different layers of the jewellery, messing with the color. You shoud avoid seas, but outdoor pools are the bigger problem.
Also, we recommed to take of your jewellery before showering.

Don't apply beauty products

The ingredients in beauty products, especially perfumes and hairspray mess with the surface of your jewellery and can alter the look. Apply your jewellery after leaving the bathroom.

Try not to sweat

It is not controllable when you sweat (especially in summer), but try not to sweat heavily when wearing your jewellery e.g. don’t wear it while doing some sort of sport.
The sweat (like any other acid) messes with the surface of your beloved jewellery.

Not every jewellery is the same - each metal, color, etc. behaves differently. These are the main things you need to know.

In general, take basic care of your jewellery and give it the love it deserves. Just with keeping this thing in your mind, you can enjoy your product for a much longer time.

If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact us, we would love to hear from you!